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About us.

And what it's like to work with us!



Susan Sontag

How we started:

1901 Mainstreet Travel Co. was started by Maria Mills-Benat. A chef who owned a catering company for 15+ years; Maria needed a change of pace and loved to travel. She started in the travel industry as an Independent Contractor with another agency. 

After 3 years with the agency it was time to move on, not knowing for sure which direction she would take, she knew having her own agency was ultimately what she wanted. Although a bit sooner than she intended Maria and her husband Greg started digging into the world of starting an agency, and in May of 2022 the journey to adventure and magical vacation planning began.

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Our clients will never pay more and often times pay less than booking directly, PLUS with many vendors, the cost of using a travel agent is already built into your vacation package. So don't leave money on the table!


Our services are complimentary for guests who secure their Disney vacation through 1901 Mainstreet Travel Co. 

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1901 Mainstreet Travel Agency is a fully licensed and insured agency. We are a member of CLIA & other industry standard organizations 

1901 MAINSTREET TRAVEL COMPANY, LLC is registered with the State of Florida as a seller of travel. Registration No. ST43543

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