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Be My Guest

So you might (but probably don’t) recall, my Be Our Guest Review from December 2012, not too long after this very popular restaurant opened. If you don’t you can remind yourself here:

Be Our Guest has created a brand new prix fixe dinner menu for the restaurant. The jury is out as to whether this is partially intended to help calm down the reservations, because the menu went from “reasonably priced” to $55.00 per adult. With that $55.00 however you get 3 courses plus your drink (non-alcoholic) Appetizer, Main, and their new signature Trio Dessert, and yes.. it includes the grey stuff.

The new dinner menu has a few wine and champagne selections exclusively made for Be Our Guest. You cant find this wine or champagne anywhere else in the entire world, you can only get it if you eat there. So of course we had to indulge. Kassidie got the champagne and I got the chardonnay. Both were delicious and quite refreshing!

Kassidie with her exclusive Cham

Lets start with our Appetizer.

I had the Maine Lobster Bisque, and Kass ordered the french onion soup. The Lobster Bisque seems like a small portion, giant bowl, little soup.. but was delicious with more chunks of lobster than I expected. The French Onion soup if you read my last review had a lot to be desired but now, its delicious! I still say they have some things to learn about good rich broths, but it was way better than the first time we had it

Main Course

For our main course Kassidie ordered the Center-Cut Filet Mignon, and I ordered the Roasted Pork Tenderloin.

The filet was beautiful, perfectly cooked, and a good size. Nice and thick. with a nice pile of roasted vegetables on the plate, including patty pan squash which I was excited about because you never see anyone serve that! I wish I had taken picture of it after she cut into it, it truly was spectacular, and the taste. Wow! DELISH!! Our only complaint about the Filet was there was not enough of the wine reduction sauce, we would have liked more. Otherwise, the seasoning was perfection, and it was melt in your mouth delicious.

The Filet

Roasted Pork Tenderloin. They had me at pork belly.

When he sat the plate down in front of me I thought to myself, “wow that might feed a small child” the portion size seemed very small much like the Lobster Bisq

ue. The taste however, was divine. Absolutely delicious. 2 small cuts of pork loin and pork belly in the middle on a cauliflower puree. I have to say never have I ever had a cauliflower puree that tasted so good. The seasoning on the pork was perfectly done and it had a medium cook on it which is how pork should be done. My only complaint other than the small portion size was there was not nearly enough of that puree, and the vegetables were delicious but very few.

Roasted Pork Tenderloin

The Dessert Trio

The Dessert trio was perfect!! All 3 desserts on the plate were so good. Im not a big raspberry dessert fan but the macaroon with lemon jam and raspberries ended up being my favorite thing on the plate. The “grey stuff” is served in a white chocolate “Chip” cup. The truffle was rich and yummy with a nice little surprise in the middle we didn’t expect. Absolutely adorable and delicious. Want to know a secret? The beautiful paper all of this is sitting on? Edible! No, really!! Rip off a little piece and put it on the truffle and I promise you will thank me! 😀

Pretty much everything else in Be Our Guest is the same, the Beast is introduced occasionally as your “host” for the evening, and announced that he will be accepting guests, which is when you can go into the other room and take pictures with him. Keep in mind this is the only place in Disney you can see the Beast, and only at Dinner. So make those reservations as soon as you can.

In my last review I gave Be Our Guest 2 thumbs up, this time, I give it 4 1/2 stars! Although pricey, Im highly impressed with the new menu. Well done!

NOTE: This is the only place in all of Disney World you can meet Beast

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