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Sunny is what we needed

While in Asheville, North Carolina I really wanted to try a restaurant on the way back to FL that I have been wanting to try for years for breakfast. Unfortunately for us they didn’t open till 9am and it was just a wee bit later than we wanted to be back on the road. I started my search for something equal and came across a place called Sunny Point Cafe. Now let me tell you that we woke up to snow that morning so it was anything but sunny, but the food and service certainly made us warm!

It’s a quaint little place on Haywood Road in West Asheville, the menu looked enticing and Im super picky being a chef myself, so we had to check it out. Fresh ingredients, Family owned, they have their own garden where they grow a lot of what they prepare for you, Vegan and Veggie options GOOD ones, not just made up ones, and they give to a non profit partner every month. What’s NOT to love about this place? Honestly!

We sat on the porch area, they really try hard to make it warm out there but I think our only saving grace was that we were at a table with a heater right above our heads. Make reservations, get there early, try to be inside if it’s cold out.

Our waiter was Michael, super sweet, totally laid back, maybe stoned. We loved him.

Now, let’s talk food. I ordered the Pecan Fried Green Tomatoes, which sound amazing all on their own but they had me at goat cheese. Why? because goats have it going on, they are so much more than good yoga partners. I wasn’t disappointed. The Fried green tomatoes were awesome, but that awesomeness was elevated with goat cheese.

Then, I ordered the Huevos Rancheros. I have to honestly admit to never having had a black bean cake before, and while I think it was a little dry, it was delicious. Everything about that plate? Delicious. The green salsa was so so good, and I am the biggest salsa snob you’ll ever meet because honestly, no one makes salsa as good as mine. My mom ordered a basic kinda breakfast but one of her sides was Chipotle Cheddar Grits! get. in. my. bellay. I love when chefs take grits and turn them into something so much more.

I noticed around the patio that they sold items they made in house, Jam, sauces, etc. Jam was also on the table and when we asked Michael what kind of jam it was he said it was “mixed” now, Mixed jelly is my jam. It’s so hard to find, so I tasted it, I loved it, I bought it., and you should too!

I can't wait to go back to Sunny Point Cafe when Im in Asheville again although Im hoping its sunny not snowy.

Im going to give Sunny Point a fork, a knife, a spoon, a spreader, and whatever other utensil you wanna put at the table, because it was that good.

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