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The Grand Pup Resort and Spa

Recently my family and I were headed back to Florida from Virginia and decided to stop in Airy, NC. Yes, Mayberry. Home of Andy Griffith (is my age showing? I feel like it’s showing) Well I found the most luxurious hotel to stop at for the day or overnight if you need to stop during your travels on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it’s not for you! It’s for your pet! #nohumansallowed

The Grand Pup Resort and Spa 🐕 in Airy, NC. They allow dogs of any breed and cats too! Prices start at $5 per hour or $38/night up to $20/day or $50/night for the most luxurious suites. They have cozy hotel suites for your pets as well as a green space for them to run, play, & do other stuff 💩

There is a groomer on site for baths, nail trims, and hair cuts. There is also a boutique and bakery adjacent to the hotel to pick up some treats for your pets!

I didn't’ have the opportunity to have my pet stay there but all the reviews were 5 stars and humans love to bring their pets here for a fun day while the humans are out to play!

Nearby there are plenty of breweries, a winery, and some fun restaurants to try out while your pet lives in luxury, plus you can walk round in the quaint little downtown area with adorable shops to visit, 0r you can continue up the Blue Ridge Parkway for beautiful scenery, hiking, or a picnic! No need to worry about leaving your pet back at the hotel or cabin, book a stay at The Grand Pup Resort and Spa!

Some great places to visit nearby:

White Elephant Brewing Co

Thirsty Souls Community Brewing

Old North State Winery

You know you are in Mayberry when..

The Lobby of The Grand Pup Resort and Spa

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